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About Us

Palestine’s Information and Communications Technology Incubator (PICTI), is the first Non-Profit ICT incubator in Palestine which was founded in 2004. PICTI provides sustainable channeling between startups, accelerators, and investors at both the local and international levels including the Palestinian Diaspora.

Business Services

Each team go through a process of project and market value starts from targeted market analyzes till it reach the legalization of the start up to be a legitimate business.

Training& Education

Before and during the incubation phase our main goal is train the incubated team and educate them to be familiar with the inside-out of leadership skills, team management, modern tools to be utilized for their businesses benefits.


Networking is the main door for each team in our programs to get more information and resources after the end of the incubation phase.

Access to Finance

Networking with emerging companies and grants are the channels that PICTI provide to the incubated teams to enlarge their scale of work and get money for it.


To inspire, facilitate and support young Palestinian ICT entrepreneurs with expertise, know-how and initial (seed) funding on their way to setting-up and manage their own sustainable company with an international ambition

Startups Directory

This directory aims to create a linkage between entrepreneurs and startups in the field of ICT, and between the public and interested investors. Thus, making the process of communication easier and more efficient, and promoting their innovative ideas into a wider audience. Get our latest updates on PICTI’s success stories.

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Training Topics
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PICTI is the first strives to strengthen the components of national sustainable development and localize entrepreneurship and innovation on all levels, as well as maintain leadership in all facets so as to fulfill its duty as a place where innovation and entrepreneurship flourish. This was clearly demonstrated throughout the implementation of several initiatives and projects. Check out the latest project @ PICTI!

Latest News

Targeted Dreams – أحلام مستهدفة

“أحلام مستهدفة” تشتهر مدينة رفح بالزراعة، وانطلاقاً من هذه الحقيقة أطلق معتصم أبو سنجر مشروع  ” مُحاسب المزرعة الذكية ” وكان أحد المشاريع التي دعمتها

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Targeted Dreams – أحلام مستهدفة

“أحلام مستهدفة” أدرك هشام علي شريم أن الابتكار والرقمنة هما عاملان رئيسيان في التنمية الزراعية، حيث قدم مفهوم المقاييس الزراعية، الذي يستخدم البيانات المتخصصة ويربطها

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Targeted Dreams – أحلام مستهدفة

“أحلام مستهدفة” آمنت شيرين ياسين بدور الرقمنة كأداة تعلّم وأطلقت فكرة “Arabic Mate” وهي منصّة رقمية لتعليم اللغة العربية من خلال المحادثات المباشرة والفردية مع

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