Our Story

PICTI – Palestine’s 1st Non-Profit ICT Incubator

As the first business incubator in Palestine, PICTI is known for its effective incubation services, creating investment opportunities for innovative and unique entrepreneurial projects within the ICT sector. Notably the only incubator that operates in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, PICTI has had numerous impactful achievements across Palestine. Since its founding in 2004, the incubator supported more than 100 freelancers and helped operate 600 startups. PICTI currently provides more than 70 different types of services under 40+ projects and programmes, with the support of its 70+ partners. Not only does PICTI focus on a variety of target beneficiaries and industries, but they also have different business models and strategies that cater to different kinds of target audience.

PICTI is always on the lookout for “Outside the Box” solutions in order to face the unique challenges that accompany the development, advancement, and enlargement of economic development in Palestine. With that, PICTI greatly aspires to support young Palestinian ICT startups and entrepreneurs by providing professional business services to nurture, grow, and support the innovative spirit, creative minds, and resourceful ingenuity of Palestinian startups and entrepreneurs. It is the place where innovation, creativity, and ingenuity lie.

To achieve its aspirations, PICTI supports Palestinians in becoming active participants at the global level through offering them an integrated package of world-class business development services targeted at generating lively enterprises. The incubator also believes that is all about networking, where PICTI is able to exchange technical expertise, know-how, develop best practices, mentor graduates-to-be, develop mentorship programmes, organize activities, capacity building and boot camp events, gain donor funding as well as utilize existing access to international networks in order to collectively manifest the process of entrepreneurship in the country. Furthermore, through the collective power of partnerships, PICTI is proud of its long-term strategic partnerships with local universities, local and international non-profit organizations as well as the European Business and Innovation Centers Network (EBN), MENA Incubators Network and other various member-networks.

Through its continuous efforts, PICTI is constantly working to achieve its mission of inspiring, facilitating, and supporting young Palestinian ICT entrepreneurs and its vision of empowering and supporting young Palestinian ICT startups to become successful.

To inspire, facilitate and support young Palestinian ICT entrepreneurs with expertise, know-how and initial (seed) funding on their way to setting-up and manage their own sustainable company with an international ambition


We’d like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of our donors: Government of Valenciana, The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), Ayuntamiento De Valencia, GIZ, UNDP/PAPP, EU, Government of Japan and ANIMA; who have believed in PICTI from the first place and put their efforts in place towards supporting PICTI into fostering and enhancing the ICT ecosystem is Palestine and pushing its boundaries in all areas.

The unity and dedication that you have portrayed throughout the past years enabled PICTI to guide the ICT sector and drive change! So; thank you again!

Hand in Hand: Gratitude and Appreciation to our Donors.

Partners & Donors