Summer Code

"Summer Code" Training

This is a training program implemented by PALTEL Group, sponsored by Jawwal, hosted by PICTI, aimed at developing the technical skills in the use of programming in schools aged between 14 and 16 for approximately 150 students.


  • Develop the capacity of trainees on web development and direct them to use programming to develop themselves and their future.
  • Promote the language of dialogue and active participation, as well as the exchange of experiences among participants and the enrichment of their knowledge.
  • Prepare participants about the educational and professional future for them in the areas of information technology.
  • Encouraging participants to use computers and programming to serve society and build a better future

Target audience:

The program targeted male and female students aged between 14 and 16 from the Gaza Strip, with skills, primary knowledge in computer fundamentals and programming.

Implementation methodology:

The training methodology was based on a clear and serious methodology that aims to accomplish real-life tasks, active participation, perseverance in presenting ideas, presenting proposals and working together.


Output of the course:

  • In the course of the periodic follow-up process, the staff of the incubator made it clear how satisfied the participants were with the training camp, and how well they developed the skills and knowledge of the trainees in the basics of the programming languages to be trained. CSS-HTML-JS was one of the most proficient languages and had a range of successful practical experiences with the participation of trainers.
  • The training outputs were not limited to this, but there was a range of distinctive outputs, the most important of which was the participation of trainees in a range of technological leadership ideas and how these ideas could be applied through the technical area (from the concept to an integrated software project).
  • At the end of the training, all trainees were able to produce their own language basics project (CSS-HTML-JS).